That’s why, from product production to material sourcing, we’re on a journey to make the Venus brand more sustainable, and to do our part to support global sustainability efforts.

Product & Packaging

Durable Razors

Our refillable razors have durable handles that are made to last and deliver up to a month of shaves.


We’ve introduced plastic-free boxes to our refillable lineup, which is estimated to eliminate a total of 240 metric tons of plastic (that’s equal to 24 million water bottles).
* per twice a week shave

Reducing Virgin Plastic

Our company is working to increase the use of post-recycled (PCR) content to reduce the absolute virgin plastic used in our products by 50%.

What We've Done:

Received a Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill status in our global network of plants

In the last 10 years, we’ve reduced energy usage in plants overall by 92.851 gigajoules = energy to power 2 million homes

Since 2018, we’ve reduced Green House Gases by 16% = 49,500 metric tons

What We’re Going to Do:


Reduce water consumption by 35% per production.

Renewable Energy

Use 100% renewable purchased electricity.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsibly source materials backed by supporting credentials.

Greenhouse Gases

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for manufacturing by 50%.